today is laugh-at-your-mistakes day.

Hi there!

It’s been a week since the typhoon hit us, and I’m glad we had sunshine again for the longest time. I had a terrific morning as I woke up to the sound of birds and the serenity of having the sun shine through your windows. It’s total relaxation.

A few hours into the day, I just had to correct my blog address. After a few attempts, I had no success because the address I wanted was already reserved. I realized too late that I got my original blog address wrong because of the spelling. Big deal huh! whatstheocassion should be whatstheoccasion, right? Oh well, learning from it makes me smarter, though. Now I know.



I now think I had to explain it to every person who will read my blog that the address is spelled incorrectly but the blog title is spelled perfectly right. Well, instead on dwelling on it, I might as well just take the plunge into blogging without much thought about it. It happened and it made me laugh.


That’s my son; and here I’d call him The Son. One reason is because of The Beatles song, “Here Comes the Sun.” We used to play that song a lot before, during, and after pregnancy. Great, great song. Here’s a picture of The Son. My very forgiving son. See?

What it takes to communicate


You see, I used to be so hard on myself when I do something wrong. It makes me extra unforgiving, too, and it’s not good. I do things that I think are mistakes, specially in nurturing a wonderful son, but then my son doesn’t hate me for it. The more he forgives me, the more I wanted to improve myself. That’s also how I want to treat other people. So, next time, I’ll know better to laugh at it and move on.

So, Happy laugh-at-your-mistakes day!


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