making s’mores is {beautiful}

Welcome to my version of s’mores. Last July, I’ve seen one article in Yahoo about versions of s’mores, and it looks so interesting.(I can’t find the original article but here’s a pinterest of s’mores variations I found.) I really haven’t tried eating them before, perhaps because I thought they can only be made with campfires. So when I saw the article, I decided to make them for Family Home Evening. Here’s my version


1 pack graham crackers

1 pack marshmallows


nutella or chocolate spread

Note: The graham crackers I used are leftovers from making refrigerated cake. They were left in an opened package in the refrigerator for quite some time so when I made these s’more, they had already gotten quite soft and chewy. I don’t think I’d enjoy s’mores with crispy fresh grahams. 🙂


1. Spread a generous amount of nutella (or any chocolate spread, peanut butter or jams also, if you like) on one side of the graham cracker. Line them up and arrange into pairs for easy preparation.

2. In low fire, melt about 2 tbsp butter in a nonstick pan. Wait until it is just melted, not burnt or browned, then drop about 4-5 big fluffy marshmallows.

3. When the marshmallows are softened, stir them up until they form one big foamy lump. Turn off the fire at once. Be careful not to burn the marshmallows because they will caramelize; they become too sticky and hard when cooled.

4. Using a plastic spoon, scoop marshmallow mixture into the graham crackers, then cover it with another cracker with the nutella.

5. You may also stick a toothpick (with washi tape) on one side for better presentation.

Turned out The Son (with only about 6 small teeth at the time) and Partner liked it! I made about 5 pcs for Family Evening, and I only got 1 for myself. I took it as a sign that they enjoyed it! Check!

Ok, about two weeks after this, we were scheduled to have a joint meeting with the Relief Society for planning the Mother-Daughter Night. I thought about making the FHE S’mores for them but it would take more time to make about 20-25 pcs for the ladies. So, I came with this idea of S’mores-on-stick to serve them. Easy to make, convenient to eat.



This is how I served it on the meeting table.

I used a cake board for the base and covered it with waxed paper.

The stand was simply a ramekin turned upside down.

The ladies didn’t realize it was food until I invited them to get some. Some thought it was just plastic for display.

Here are some of the local ingredients I used:

Oishi Sponge Crunch


MY San Crushed Grahams

crushed grahams

Washi Tape from Hey Kessy

washi tapes

(Photo by

For S’more(s) ideas:

White Chocolate S’mores Pops

S’mores Brownies

8 Best Updated S’mores Recipes

10 Easy S’mores Variations

If you haven’t tried s’mores before, hope you find some inspiration here to start making them.

Happy S’mores Making!


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