a wooden rattle is {beautiful}

Hi friends!

A few weeks ago, I read about Top Craft Blogs by Moms and from there, I somehow came to land (and totally adored) this post from Hellobee. It’s one of those projects that makes me say, “I had to try that!” And try it I did.

When I was gathering the materials, I realized I had one major problem: the wooden dowel. I’ve seen smaller dowels in National bookstore, just about a little thicker than a matchstick – almost like a barbecue stick. And it’s also just about 4 inches (approximately the length of a popsicle stick) so it wouldn’t work. So, I asked for the help of our production team and they suggested (1) an arnis stick – the problem is it’s varnished, and (2) the handle of a mop. I went for number 2, the mop handle!

They cut the mop handle (in case you’re wondering, they replaced it with a metal pipe) and – tadah! – I now have a wooden dowel! It’s quite bigger that the one Hellobee used but it’s all I have for now and I’m happy with it! So, here’s how it turned out:

what you need                           //   The Fuzzy Wires are from National Bookstore – Crafts Sections @ Php 69.50

                          //    The acrylic paints are also from National Bookstore. I got them near the pen section, they are not on public display. They are one of those products that only the sales person has access to.

                         //     The bells are from Expressions @ Php 18. I would have bought the silver ones but I can’t find them. I bought my silver bells then from National Bookstore too in the scrapbooking section.

                         //     The Vinyl Sticker are scraps from our printing business 🙂 (the perks, ya know!)


For the Instructions, here you go!

step by step

[1] Put the monogram stickers in the middle, ideally below parallel to the space between the two holes.

[2] Use washi tape, or a thin masking tape, to mark the area where you will paint.

[3] Paint the marked area with the color of your choice using a foam brush.

[4] Paint the other area with a contrasting color, or any color appealing to your child.

[5] Cut about 5-6 inches of the fuzzy wire. Insert it on the hole and make a knot to secure the bells.

[6] Continue with all three holes.

[7] Remove the tapes and the vinyl sticker to reveal your design.

TADAH! A wooden rattle! 🙂

It might always be easier to buy one for a cheaper price, but making one yourself is so rewarding (and addicting, too!). When you see the finished product, you feel it’s very priceless. I made two for The Son and B, my nephew.

Happy Crafting!




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