word garlands are {beautiful}

Garlands, in general, are instant decorations. So are buntings. I don’t exactly know the difference; what I know is they can both be made with just strings, paper or fabric, scissors, and puncher. I found they can be used for almost anything. Here, I’m going to show you how I used the idea to make word garlands – in our bedroom, at the hospital, and at a Stake Seminary.

I was first inspired to make them instantly when one morning we received a complaint from our neighbor about the noises our feet make at night. Specifically it means: the running around the house playing chase with The Son, loud thumping of the foot to get The Son’s attention, or running up and down the stairs carelessly. We meant no harm to our neighbor – with whom we share a common wall with – but I know we had to make adjustments in the house. As soon as the complaint was relayed to me, I got to my craft box and found some supplies. And in a few minutes, I came up with this “LOVE THY NEIGHBOR” banner:

love thy neighbor


What you Need:

// an old calendar, or scraps of printed paper

// scissors

// pencil or pen (to draft the letter outlines)

// twine

// puncher

// tape



[1] Outline the letters on your paper of choice. On this project, I used a 2012 planner made of recycled paper. You need not worry about making it too perfect. You can make it as uniform as possible by folding the paper in half, and using each side as the standard size for each letter.

[2] Cut around the outlines. If your paper is printed on both sides, you may choose to show the side where you didn’t draw the outline so you can hide the pen/pencil marks. That will only work though for perfectly symmetrical letters (A, O, M, T, I, V, Y, etc.)

[3] Use a puncher to put holes on the letters.

[4] Arrange your letters to spell your words and complete your message.

[5] Use a tape, preferable one that does not leave adhesive marks, to display your garland.

Our once bare wall was given a new life with this garland. I loved it! Hence, I used to create a kind of “get well” garland for my nephew, B. I put it up in his room and to the ICU where he was transferred the following day. My sister said the nurses loved it. Good thing, B was discharged from the hospital since last week. My sister kept this garland, and she took this sweet picture of B.


we love basti

// You might notice the heart in the middle. I used fuzzy wire to form the heart and then tied it to the garland.


And for the Stake Seminary garland, I used balloons (which was recycled from my mother’s birthday) and this uber cute tails which I learned from Oh Happy Day. She called it Paper Mobile. There’s just so many creative ways to use it! Must try!!! 🙂

seminary garland

// It’s supposed to read ‘SEMINARY’. Forgive that the first balloon popped. I still think it looked superb, anyway. What do you think?


Seminary is a part of our church‘s educational system. It is free religious education for the youth. I am a graduate of the Seminary program and I loooooved it! I valued it as much as my high school diploma. Stake Seminaries are regularly held to test our knowledge and understanding of application of the Scripture Masteries. Youth who are not members of the church but are interested to join the program may enroll in a Seminary program. Great, isn’t it? 🙂

Back to garlands, you may check these out for more garland/bunting ideas:

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Happy garland making! 🙂


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