saying sorry is {beautiful}

Act 1: Saying Sorry to Mom

Background Music                     Gangnam Style by Psy

Location/Set                               Living Room in our apartment

The Son throws a DVD case and one loose CD in front of Mama.

Mama.       That’s not good. Do not throw things.

The Son turns his back on Mama and keeps on dancing the Gangnam Style.

Mama.        I’m really not happy with that.

Nanny.        He’s just trying to win you over with his dancing (in Filipino)

The Son continues dancing, with a big smile on his face.

Mama.        I will not smile.

The Son turns around towards Mama with his arms wide open, coming closer to Mama, gives her a hug, and buries his head on her stomach.

Mama smiles.

*** END ***

How about mothers out there? How does your little one say sorry?


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