The Son’s first birthday is {beautiful}

I don’t remember my first birthday as a child, but I do believe that the happiness is the same as celebrating your child’s first birthday! Agree? 🙂

There’s almost no way of knowing how to celebrate a first birthday. I was the first among our siblings who were married, so I had not much background about planning a first birthday. So I had to say this and I want to give credit where credit is due: BLOGGERS, thank you so much for posting your children’s birthday parties, and a ton of other ideas. Google searches led from one blog to another with ordinary moms like me who have extraordinary dreams for their children. Dreams that are slowly coming true, one craft/art at a time. [This is actually how I got hooked in to blogging – where I also discovered where I might really be good at and what I enjoy doing.]

Can you believe what good the internet does? I do believe in its great potential to do good, but I will expound on it in another post.

Back to planning The Son’s first birthday.. I had saved almost every picture/idea I loved. That’s how I actually learned about the term DIY. Hehe 🙂

The easiest part in the process was deciding the theme of the party. It was what my son loved at the moment – cars! [Not the Cars movie by Disney, because he hasn’t seen it yet] His first words were actually, ‘car car’. Neat!

I also decided on a color palette of sky blue and red. It has a vintage and vibrant feel, that I think both the young and old can relate with.

Soon, we were also blessed with a friend who let us use their family’s events place as venue for the party. They usually rent out the place for Php20,000 ($222) for both areas. They let us use it for FREE! We used both areas which was separated only by a fence. One side has a pool and both sides have covered areas for setting up the tables. [They also have a grill, though we didn’t get to use it.] I couldn’t be more thankful for this and for the kindness of our friends. Love love love ^^

Most of the decorations are DIY – the stoplight/car garlands, cupcakes, pinwheels, piñata, giveaways, photo booth and the number 1 collage.


// The buffet table will greet you upon entrance. Food by Refino’s Catering. I appreciate that they put some toy cars with the centerpiece.


// DIY: stoplight/car garlands, pinwheels. My cousin and sisters did put their time and efforts into making them. Thanks a lot;  you know who you are!


// The photo booth! I thought it would be so nice to come up with something that people can also be creative with like what my cousins did below:



// My wacky cousins (and grandmother) – always the life of the party!


// The dessert table joined with the gift table. Cupcakes by my sister, Genelle and Round cake by Estrel’s Caramel Cake


// Close-up shot of my sister’s rainbow cupcake with store-brought (from Gourdo’s) cupcake toppers and DIY washi flags. Those triangle bags are take home for the kids. (Instructions can be found here by Mikko of


// A collage of The Son’s pictures from birth to 12 months (in no particular order). This is now framed and hanged on my mom’s home. Sweet!


// A family picture! Look at that mole we all have! They really do love me, don’t they? 🙂


// Car-shaped piñata set up near the pool. That’s Mom busy with the snack bar!


// The swimming pool is right over here! A fun activity for kids and adults alike to beat the Aprill summer heat!


// And at the end of the day, this is what makes it all… WORTH IT!

Since this happy day last April, I had decorated and planned 2 more birthdays, and 2 other events. I feel so blessed that God allowed me to discover my talent through my son. I hope moms out there will also have fun and discover their creativity in the process of motherhood. I learned one important lesson in this process: don’t aim for perfection – yet. aim for happiness first!

Happy mothering! 🙂


3 thoughts on “The Son’s first birthday is {beautiful}

  1. Hi! hoping this message will reach you – were celebrating our first sons first birthday, and race cars is our theme. We definitely want a pop up car photo booth, and have done multiple searches (like you did!) for the pattern. But YOURS by far, is the best we’ve seen!!!

    Did you DIY this also? Or find the pattern somewhere or purchase? Appreciate your sharing, because this one is brilliant.

    Really hoping for your prompt help. Thank you so much in advance for considering sharing!


    • Hi Lois! I’m so sorry, my reply was late. Hope you had a blast on your son’s birthday 🙂 It’s a DIY project although I really didn’t do it myself. I had it made in an advertising fabricator’s shop. If you want yours made too, I can give you their number 🙂

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