step 8a

fuzzy wire projects are {beautiful}

in the Philippines, we call this fuzzy wires. in American blogs, they call them pipe cleaners or chenille stems. I don’t know the difference because I haven’t actually seen those pipe cleaners. but here are some of the things I did with the fuzzy wires we have here.

[1] wooden rattle – I used them to attach the bells

step 8a

[2] cake toppers – on my 27th bday! form them into your desired numbers or letters and twist ends on a stick. instant toppers!:)

home bday party (8)

[3] props – made them for a prenuptial photo shoot. the couple’s wedding is travel-themed so I made these. (actually, the twisting and letter formation was made by my Partner)


Craving for more ideas? Check these out!

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If you have creative ideas for these fuzzy wires, please do share!:)

Happy crafting!

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