a minute to win it/the voice-themed party is {beautiful}

it was our youngest brother’s 14th birthday and we seem to be running out of ideas to celebrate a boy teenager’s birthday. fortunately, these tv game shows are trending right now and we thought our brother would like it as well. he agree to it with one condition: he will be a the voice judge. it’s a deal!

we had about a week to pull this off. it turned out well, thanks to my parents’ support!

Blog (1)

// Here’s the buffet food setup! The flags was set against a tarpaulin backdrop.

Blog (3)

// DIY 3D Numbers made of corrugated box. Covered with acrylic paint.

Blog (5)

// These red and blue candies were separated from a bag of assorted candies. They were chosen to reflect the colors of the Minute to Win It show.


// The stage set-up for The Voice singing contest. Those are paper fringes and a balloon chandelier. You would also notice the cup stacking games pre-arranged to set the mood for the Minute to Win It theme.

Blog (11)

// We had in stock these blue and red balloons which we used as centerpieces.

Blog (9) Blog (10)

// Mineral water bottled were covered with stickers designed according to the theme.


// Hi, it’s me. The happy party host, as usual! The headband is DIY!


// The Candy Elevator Game! Click the link for the original instructions.



// Floatacious Game. Click the link for full instructions (and the blueprint too!)


// Junk in the Trunk was the crowd favorite!


// Tshirts as prizes for winners in the Minute to Win It games 🙂


Blog (7)

// Our The Voice contestants giving their best shot!





// Our The Voice judges! They gave some generous comments with our handy whiteboard 🙂


// Our youngest and only brother turned 14! He’s very happy how his day turned out. (That cake is a big factor ^^)


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