{beautiful} thoughts: why do you create?

i was not very aware of the handmade movement going on in until after i decided to join in the bandwagon. but ironically, what inspired me to start creating was creative people from abroad, not initially from my homeland. it’s only been more than a year since i started trying crafts and getting into DIY projects but from the beginning, i knew why i wanted to.

why do i create?

i create

it’s been a simple pleasure which gives me one of the most satisfaction and fulfillment in life. whether making a card, a keychain, a small gift, compiling pictures, scrapbooking, designing programs, decorating, or training, I only have one objective – to give.

rarely do i create for personal use. i almost always make something to make someone happy or to give service.

and i found for myself that this kind of thinking applies to almost every aspect of my life – motherhood, family, work, church, etc.

i/we created a human being, a son – so that we can give love.

i/we created a family – so that we can give them a home and a legacy.

i create things at work – so that i can give and share knowledge.

i create good things/programs at church, i magnify my calling – so that i can give time and service.

i create for friends – so that i can give a part of myself.

i create a happy home – so i can give security and peace to my family and others who seek shelter.


creating is more than just making things. it is about giving.

so often, the most challenging part of creating is the fear of not making something as beautiful as you imagined. but, i found out for myself that the more you do it the more you become good at it. it truly takes time. but that’s how you find happiness in there. so don’t be afraid, just keep making. that’s how you build your craft and eventually yourself. until you realized you’ve become better and greater than you thought you can. you gain a lot so you can give a lot.


//happy  crafting!


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