{beautiful} things: DIY chocolate wrapper

love is in the air. i can smell it. you can almost taste it. i do wonder how they celebrate valentine’s day in other parts of the world; or if they even have valentine’s day. we love the season of love here in the Philippines. just as we are known for a month-long celebration of Christmas, we also almost have a month-long celebration of valentine’s. i love it!

recently, i met with my friends from college and i wanted to give them a simple token of love and friendship. here’s what i came up with.
diy chocolate wrapper


// any chocolate bar or candy of your choice (i used a chocolate wafer, Pik-One)           [Php 69] for a box of 12

// wrapping paper which i bought from regina’s in greenhills                                             [Php 159] for 24 sheets

// clear tape

// sticker paper                                                                                                                               [Php 49] from expressions

steps to chocolate

1// pick a pattern from your wrapping paper book. gift wrappers work well too.

2// measure the dimensions of the chocolate bar. add a few centimeters on both sides to cover the entire bar.

3// cut your paper in the determined size.

4// put your chocolate bar face down and tape the tear flaps to the bar.

5// place the bar face down on the center of your paper, and tape the paper at the point where the ends meet.

6// print fun and friendly messages on your sticker paper and stick them to the front of your chocolate bar. some of the messages i wrote included: chocolates speak louder than words, ich liebe dich, ti amo, i love you more than chocolates, you are loved, so good to see you, hi there!

happy crafting! much love to y’all!


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