{beautiful} ideas: spice up your wall

i consider walls a versatile canvass. with few materials, not necessarily including paint, you can give your wall a new life! i’ve seen ’em transform from photo backdrops to a gallery of your favorite pictires or a handmade art. it’s challlenging how we can make our walls more beautiful and functional than just being a space divider.

just see how this very creative mom transformed a wall into a big educational board for their kids by making a magnet wall. how cool is that? 🙂

magnet wall

(Photo from Oh Happy Day!)

this instagram wall will be terrific if you have a huge collection of instagram pics. love how it gives a very personal and funky vibe!

Instagram wall

(Photo from A Beautiful Mess)

how about a gift photo backdrop? scrap the expensive photo booth package. your own wall will do! just put a little time and effort making these and you’ll be better off than the standard-used by everybody backdrop from photo booth suppliers.

Gift Backdrop

(Photo from Studio DIY)

think you don’t have the time and patience (or creativity) to make a gift backdrop? check this simple and gorgeous paper backdrop by Martha Stewart.


(Photo from Martha Stewart Weddings)

and, if you’re still looking for a valentine treat for someone, check out this chocolate heart wall! totally sweet!


(Photo from The Sweetest Occasion)

hope these got us imagining what we’re going to do to spice up our walls! 🙂

//isn’t it beautiful?


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