{beautiful} places: HEIMA

Heima is an Icelandic word for “home”. Home is naturally, for most, the most beautiful place on earth. So Heima, a lifestyle store in the Philippines, should count. I went for a quick visit to their store in Brixton St., Pasig and wasted not time taking pictures! With permission, of course 🙂 I only have my cellphone to take pictures but that’s better than taking nothing with me.

There, beauty is in the spirit and body of the store. I would have loved to live there! Looksn child-friendly to me, don’t you think? It would have been a beautiful place to raise a kid.

Heima wall

// This is how their wall looks in the parking space. So pretty, I wouldn’t look at graffiti as vandalism anymore. It gives such a happy and positive vibe.

Heima entrance

// The door to the store. It’s a totally different world in there!

Audrey hepburn quote

// Quote on the door, by Audrey Hepburn: ” The most important thing is to enjoy your life, to be happy it’s all that matters.” So true.

Live happy sofa

// Custom-made sofa on display. I already imagine myself feeding my baby while we sit on that sweet thing.

Meeting table

// Mismatched chairs for a dining table. Perfect.


// I’d say yes to a bike inside my house!


I apologize for the quality of my pictures. It was a short trip but it was worth the peek! The inspiration it gave me was enough to keep me craving and creating beautiful things. For I had no other priority for the craft I do but to create a lovely home for my family.

For more on Heima, click on the screen shot below to go to their website.

Screen shot

~Isn’t it beautiful?


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