{beautiful} day: Grandma’s 84th birthday

I was always fascinated how my grandmother lived during the second world war. she used to be a translator/messenger of nihonggo-english-filipino when she was in grade school. she has 14 journals when I last checked. she still reads the newspaper daily, she keeps clippings of interesting articles and the “Did you Know?” section. she has read the Twilight series! she’s still sharp. and sensitive. which I think is okay. she is wise and always has an advise for us. she is a mother of 8, a grandmother of 26 (I almost lose count), and a great grandmother of 16 (if I counted correctly). she is a fabulous person, she can still do her make-up. someone does her hair on special occasions. twice a week, she does volunteer work at the temple where she has to travel about an hour.

almost every year, she thinks it’s her last birthday. but believe me, she still has plans of things to do and goals to achieve, day by day, month by month, year to year! so this time, I wanted to make something really special for her. Since it was a Sunday, we had a dinner at home with family and few friends. here’s what we made:

lolas bday (6)
// we made about 40 party hats. Partner helped me make them. I give credit to him for making the more complicated ones.

lolas bday (3)
// with my gorgeous niece, Ashley and awesome cousin, Valyn.

lolas bday (5)
// my beautiful cousin, jea, wearing the party hats her way. cool!

lolas bday (4)
// the birthday girl, our very loved grandmother, Gloria! we call her Lola Goya!


lolas bday (1)
// made with Christmas lights, with the help of my workmates! thanks guys!


lolas bday (10)
// me and my family with lola! the photo backdrop is made with felt paper cut into circles. hope you would notice the letter G formed in the middle. that’s made with tinsel.

lolas bday (9)
// my uncle Jessie’s family.

lolas bday (11)
// lola with my mom and my uncles jay and jimmy

lolas bday (7)
// with my cousin and his wife and their loveable baby daughter, isha.

lolas bday (8)
// this is lola after the party’s over and she’s opened all her gifts 🙂

we love you lola!!!!

// isn’t it beautiful?


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