{beautiful} start: a small feature at katha magazine

this is so far my longest title. why? because I feel like I have gone a little long way from the beginning of my blog. it’s not the likes or the comments that measured the long way I’m talking about. I can say I’m far from the non-believing, unconfident, and shy crafter that I was when I started this blog. I didn’t think I can go more than 10 posts! and it’s been amazing so far how I came up with the projects featured here. I know it’s not that much and in some days I am totally craftless, but I didn’t stop creating. my mind is constantly thinking of the next project, how to execute the diy I watched in youtube. it’s still just that if I didn’t get to work with my hands but I know in my heart that I do not want to lose this creativity and passion I found. it’s so fulfilling and it makes me feel really alive and living!

okay, so what’s really behind that title? there’s this online magazine called katha magazine. in Filipino, katha means “create”. I’ve been reading it since the first issue came out and I love it! it’s so inspiring to read about artists, crafters, painters, and bloggers from my own country whom I can totally relate with. when I checked out their third issue this morning, I was so surprised to see a familiar entry. it was in a question and answer section where my response was selected! I was “featured”! Can I even call that a feature? Well, the best part was that they provided a link to my blog here. Wonderful, right? My initial reaction was like that of Lucy Wilde in Despicable Me 2 whose character I really love! Remember the scene at the cupcake shop? I was like, “Yeeeey!” Like this:

yayyay 2

Better if  you can see this video starting at 0:56. Lol 🙂

I thank the Katha Magazine Team for choosing my entry! I almost forgot about it, and now that it’s here it’s quite a good surprise. I look forward to contributing to their beautiful magazine. Here’s a screenshot of the page:


first mag feature


I realized that’s kinda hard to read. The question I answered was: I WISH I HAD THE COURAGE TO…

Want to know my answer? It’s on page 19 of the magazine. I used my nickname Ciong when I sent my answer. Click here to see Katha Magazine.


// Isn’t it beautiful?



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