{beautiful} diy: clear envelope with template

Hi everybody! The son is turning 2 on april 6! It doesn’t seem like a very long time since his last birthday and now, I’m back to planning and organizing his birthday party.

Our theme for this year is basketball, and my husband and I decided to hold it in the shared garage of our apartment/compound. Fortunately, we are friends with other tenants so its not a challenge to seek for their consent. Ok, so I’d like to share the first DIY for his birthday which is the invitations! Yay!

Unlike last year, I designed his invitations this time. My husband thought it was cool that I get to design now, I’m learning bit by bit the basics. Since I thought that the invitation turned out to be pretty colorful already and my son’s face so bright and cheery, I decided to put it in a clear envelope. We have a roll of plastic cover around here so I just used that.

So, let’s start!



plastic cover, about 4 ft x 2 ft  (Cut into 4″x 5″ pieces)


envelope template here


glue gun



// Print the template. You will notice that I reduced the size of the envelope because the invitation’s shape is circle. I only needed a 4.5″ envelope. Trace the template to a foam board.



// Trace your pattern into the pre-cut 4″x5″ plastic cover using a pen.



// Cut the plastic along the pattern.



// Fold the envelope along its four sides before gluing them with the glue gun. You might need to flatten the plastic since it will bulk up specially when  you’re using a thicker plastic.



// Put the invitation with the front facing outside. You might want to put a treat inside 🙂 Here, I put Ovaltine candies – 1 sachet per invitation.



// Invitation ready for our guests! 🙂


invitation 2black complete back design

[FRONT]                                                                           [BACK]



//isn’t it beautiful?



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