{beautiful} diy: gift cans

A good friend of mine used to give me a can and he said that the letter is inside the can. I was like, “How did  you do that?” Since it’s a guy, I didn’t thought he actually  made it himself. There’s got to be some technology behind it. So I made him tell me how and where it’s done. He just happened to have a friend who owns a sardines canning company and he asked to have a can and then seal his letter inside for me. Pretty neat, right? I did buy his reason since I know it would be almost impossible to do it on your own.

But I found a way to DIY the can! No, we don’t have a canning company. I just had the internet with me 🙂 Let’s do it!





felt cloth

used can (with one end cover removed)

candies/treats/small gifts

wrapping paper

glue gun


1              1a

// Measure the circumference of the can and its height. Cut a rectangle from the wrapping paper whose dimensions are the circumference of the can by its height. Trace the bottom of the can into the wrapping paper and then cut the circle.



// Layout your design in the wrapping paper. Glue your letters/embellishments into the wrapping paper. It is better to glue them to your paper first then glue the whole thing in the can than sticking the blank wrapping paper into the can before putting your design.



// Put your can with the open side up. Glue your wrapping paper right side down to the can. It should look like the one in the picture.



// Remember that the open side of the can will be turned over. I wanted my friend to see first the “J” candle when she opens the top of the can. See the top picture, it is what you wanted your can to look like once opened. So, take everything out of the can again and then the item you wanted to be seen at the top should be put at the bottom (the closed end) of the can and then arrange it as shown in the second picture.



// Take the end cover of the can and then glue it at the same exact spot where it once was, which a few mm from the rim. You will notice that it will not fit well and there will be a little opening remaining. Don’t worry, step 6 will take care of that.



// Okay, take the round piece of your wrapping paper and then put glue on the rim of the can. Do this by section, gently applying pressure on the paper until you have covered the bottom.


Now, you have your gift can! I can imagine the delight on your friends or family’s faces once they realize they have to use a can opener for this one! Unless they dare to look at the bottom of the can 🙂

The possibilities are endless! I made another gift can using a smaller can for a friend who just graduated from High School. Inside it is a handmade bracelet. You can put whatever you like inside – small toys, trinkets, a homemade jam, party poppers, it’s all up to your imagination!



// happy crafting!



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