Top Five {beautiful} things this week

I’d like to introduce you to my Top 5 weekly list. It’s a collection of my most interesting finds for the week. It can be an article, a song, party ideas, a quote, a book, or anything that I believe adds beauty to the world. Pretty vague, huh?

Don’t worry, I’ll make sure they are meaningful things 🙂 Enjoy!!!


The beautiful Lutheran church Frauenkirche, the Church of Our Lady


This reconstructed chapel is probably the best thing I’ve seen this week. Aside from its architecture, it is the history of this church or what it has gone through during the war that truly makes it beautiful. It is one of the few things I have a personal connection with even if I haven’t really seen it in person. Dieter Uchtdorf explains how its history relates to ourselves in this article here.


Radio Flyer Classic Tiny Trike


On our recent trip to Baguio, my 15-month old daughter experienced riding a bike for the first time. We rented the one that has a pedal but it has a handle at the back so that you can push the bike around even if the child cannot pedal yet. Oh, how she loved that! She kept on kicking the pedals until here shoes was broken. When I saw this, I thought it was perfect. It doesn’t have pedals yet but it can teach her to balance well. I can imagine her excitement when she tries this.


Miss Universe 2015 Commemorative Stamp


Photo from

Beautiful! PHLPost issued a stamp to honor the win of our dear Miss Universe 2015, Ms. Pia Wurtzbach. She is one of five living Filipinos with their own stamp. Check out the link to know where to buy. Read the full story here and here.


Balloon Arch with Tulle

I was asked to make a balloon arch for a wedding with only 3 days to prepare and had to work on a limited budget. I looked for ideas and came across this beautiful balloon arch. I loved that it makes use of tulle. It adds elegance and sweetness to the overall look. So lovely!


Easy Ice Cream Sandwiches

Wow! I’ve been wanting to make these but I always feel hesitant because of the possible failure. Poor me! Buuuuut, when I saw this video – my fears melted away. They are so so easy to make! Plus I remembered some leftover sprinkles from my daughter’s birthday and I was so giddy like a child again. It was a success!



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