hi and welcome to beautiful street!

im G, a young mother (late 20’s) from the Philippines who’s just started taking interest in arts, design, and crafts. im a mathematician by training, an entrepreneur by choice, and a mother by heart.

in this blog, you can expect the following:

  • home – a place to start in this blog for you to see the latest posts and updates
  • heart – my faith that is every bit of my life
  • hands – diy projects, attempts on doing arts & crafts, simple recipes
  • hoard – where i get my supplies, and other sources of inspiration
  • hello – my contact details

Partner and i were married on November 2010 at manila. 17 months later, The Son was born and he’s the best thing in the world. he’s our joy and the source of all our dreams and aspiration. last december 2014, The Sunshine was born. She was a very fragile, very beautiful baby girl. Born preterm, she was a living miracle. Life was beautiful then when we had one, it IS BEAUTIFUL now that we have both. we couldn’t ask for more!

hope you will learn some stuff from this blog and please do leave me a message when you can. i’d appreciate your feedback a lot!


4 thoughts on “her

    • Hi ClassNinjaPH! COngrats on your launching! 🙂 I’m so sorry my reply came in too late. I can still teach crafts for kids, but only within our area in Valenzuela. If you would still find my skills useful for your site, I’d be glad to help 🙂

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